How Olde Towne Jewelers Offers Top Value for Your Gold and Jewelry

In our community of Santa Rosa, Olde Towne Jewelers is here to help those looking to sell their gold, jewelry, platinum, diamonds, watches, silver, and estate pieces. With the current surge in gold prices driven by its widespread use not only in the jewelry industry but also in sectors like technology, medicine, and industry, there's never been a better time to sell your precious items. Olde Towne Jewelers is your best choice for capitalizing on the high market value of gold and other valuables.

The Rising Value of Gold in the Market

Gold is a vital component in various applications across multiple industries. This diverse utility has kept its demand high, making gold one of the most sought-after metals in the world. As a result, gold prices have remained robust, offering great potential gains for those who choose to sell their gold items.

However, the market is also saturated with many "Cash for Gold" operations. These often internet-based businesses can be risky, typically offering minimal compensation that does not reflect the true value of your items, and requiring you to send your valuables through the mail with no guarantee of a fair return.

Why Choose Olde Towne Jewelers?

Unlike the fleeting and often unreliable offers from many "Cash for Gold" businesses, Olde Towne Jewelers provides a secure, transparent, and highly rewarding selling experience for over 30 years. Here’s why they stand out:

1. Experience, Knowledge, and Integrity

With over two decades of expertise in the jewelry buying market, Olde Towne Jewelers has built its business on a solid foundation of knowledge and integrity. This experience ensures that they understand the true value of your items, and they are committed to providing fair and honest appraisals.

2. Competitive and Fair Prices

It's not just about selling; it's about getting what your gold is really worth. Olde Towne Jewelers prides itself on offering prices that are consistently more competitive than what you'll find elsewhere. This commitment to fair pricing is central to their business philosophy.

3. A Local, Secure Transaction

Dealing with Olde Towne Jewelers means you don’t have to risk sending your valuables through the mail. You can visit their store in Santa Rosa, meet face-to-face with their experts, and get an immediate appraisal of your items. This personal approach not only ensures security but also builds trust and confidence in the transaction.

4. Transparency in Every Deal

Transparency is key in transactions involving valuable commodities like gold and jewelry. At Olde Towne Jewelers, every step of the appraisal and buying process is open and transparent, ensuring you understand how your items are evaluated and priced.

5. Immediate Payment

When you agree to sell your items to Olde Towne Jewelers, you receive immediate payment. There's no waiting period, no complicated paperwork, and no delay. This efficiency is part of their commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

What Can You Sell?

Olde Towne Jewelers is interested in a wide range of items, not just gold. Here is what you can bring in for appraisal and sale:

  • Gold: Including all forms of gold, whether in coins, bars, or broken jewelry.
  • Jewelry: Any and all types of jewelry, from antique to modern styles.
  • Platinum: Known for its value and rarity, all platinum items are welcome.
  • Diamonds: Loose diamonds or diamonds set in jewelry.
  • Watches: High-quality watches are always in demand.
  • Silver: Sterling silver jewelry, flatware, and more.
  • Estate Purchasing: If you're looking to sell multiple items or an entire estate, they can accommodate large-scale transactions.


Selling your gold and jewelry should be a straightforward, rewarding process where you feel valued and respected.

Olde Towne Jewelers in Santa Rosa offers competitive prices that reflect the ongoing high value of gold in the market. Whether you’re clearing out inherited pieces, looking to sell off unused jewelry, or simply want to take advantage of high gold prices, Olde Towne Jewelers provides a trustworthy, profitable, and pleasant selling experience right here in our community.

To learn more or to schedule an appraisal, contact Olde Towne Jewelers today at 707-577-8813 or toll-free at 800-286-7355. Experience firsthand their commitment to customer satisfaction and get the most value from your precious items.