Watch and Jewelry Repair: Expert Services at Olde Towne Jewelers in Santa Rosa, CA

At Olde Towne Jewelers in Santa Rosa, CA, we understand that your watches and jewelry are more than just accessories—they are cherished possessions, often with sentimental value. Our expert repair services ensure that these treasured items are maintained in optimal condition and restored to their former glory when needed.

Watch Repair

Mechanical watches are marvels of engineering, capable of running for years without servicing. However, over time, the lubricated parts of a watch begin to dry out, leading to a loss in timekeeping accuracy and potential damage to the movement. This neglect can result in very expensive repairs and a significant drop in the watch's performance. Your automatic watch movement is akin to a finely tuned automobile engine that requires regular maintenance and servicing. Just as an engine needs an oil change, your automatic watch needs servicing every 3-5 years.

At Olde Towne Jewelers, our skilled watchmakers are proficient in servicing and repairing all types of watches, ensuring they function accurately and reliably for years to come. Whether it’s a routine maintenance check or a complex repair, we have the expertise to keep your timepieces running smoothly.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry, much like watches, often carries significant sentimental value and is subjected to daily wear and tear. Over time, even the most durable pieces can show signs of wear, such as scratches, dings, and loosening settings. At Olde Towne Jewelers, we specialize in restoring and repairing all types of jewelry, from wedding rings and estate pieces to pearls and everyday bracelets.

  • Ring Resizing: Does your wedding ring fit a little too tight? We can resize it to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Estate Jewelry Restoration: Have you found a lovely piece of estate jewelry in need of restoration? Our experts can bring it back to its original splendor.
  • Pearl Restringing: Are your great grandmother’s pearls stretched out to double their size? We can restring them to restore their beauty and integrity.
  • Bracelet and Necklace Repairs: Has your special bracelet taken too much of a beating and is now full of scratches and dings? We can polish and repair it to look as good as new.

We love our treasured items, wearing them often and sometimes to the point of disrepair. But at Olde Towne Jewelers, we take pride in bringing these items back to life, often restoring them to exceed their original beauty.

Why Choose Olde Towne Jewelers?

At Olde Towne Jewelers, we blend traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to provide the highest quality watch and jewelry repair services. Our team is dedicated to treating each piece with the utmost care and precision, ensuring your treasured items are in the best possible hands.

Visit us at Olde Towne Jewelers in Santa Rosa, CA, and let our skilled artisans help you maintain and restore your watches and jewelry. Whether it’s a routine service or a complex restoration, we are here to keep your beloved pieces looking and functioning their best.

Book your appointment today and experience the exceptional care and expertise that have made us a trusted name in watch and jewelry repair.

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